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Кратковременная контактно-дуговая сварка шпилек с большим током и коротким сварочным цыклом (100 мс.) по сравнению с ARC технологией является очень подходящей для шпилек диаметром до 12 мм. и тонколистового материала
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Приваривание втулок
Приваривание шпилек
Автоматизация процессов приваривания крепежа
Видеоролики – Автоматизация
Приварные элементы
Краткий каталог оборудования



  • Especially suitable for thin metal sheets from 0.5 mm


  • Rigid casing made of impact-resistant plastic
  • Zero-play ball linear bearing for guiding the welding piston
  • Sealed welding piston guidance
  • Integrated lift and spring-loaded adjustment
  • Stud length freely adjustable (up to 40 mm; from 40 mm with tripod)


  • Lock-in spring adjustment
  • High level of security to prevent the selected settings being changed inadvertently
  • Guidance system protected against spatters


  • Welding in restricted space
  • Welding on painted sheets possible (clean, smooth and flat surfaces and grounding required)

CA 08

SCD 3201ARC 500ARC 800ARC 1550IT 1002CA 08AI 06A 12A 16

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Welding range M3 to M8, dia. 2 to 8 mm (other dimensions on request)
Stud length 6 to 40 mm, longer studs can be welded with optional accessories
Stud material Mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass
Stud type Any type or shape (special chucks if required)
Stroke Adjustment range 4.5 mm, lockable
Spring pressure Adjustable, arresting
Welding cable 3 m
IP-Code IP 20
Workplace noise level >90 dB (A) may occur during welding
Dimension LxWxH 190 x 40 x 140 mm (without cable)
Weight 0.7 kg (without cable)
Order No. 92-20-255


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